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Norma Anne is the humble princess of her own domain. I own my own mistakes, all artwork is copyright ® unless otherwise noted.

Academic Tutoring
My expertise and experience include tutoring in traditional and non-traditional formats, ability to relate subjects to the student’s lifestyle, and positive reinforcement of progress. 

Services available include:

  • Individual subject tutoring supporting challenge areas in the traditional classroom

  • Primary educational resource for students enrolled in non-traditional educational options such as home-schooling and online programs

  • Educational team member or leader for students working as professionals or competing in sports programs that do not allow for full or part-time classroom education

  • GED and standardized test preparation

  • Admission packages and testing for specialized elementary and secondary schools

I work with students on all subjects for grades K-4. For grades 4-college I tutor in the social sciences, business, language arts, visual arts, public speaking, study skills, stress management, and subject/testing anxiety.

I have a spotless background. (See a full background check on plus I have been vetted by Palm Beach County schools several years running).

Rate: $35.00 - $50.00 per hour based on subject and length of contract.

 Individual Tutoring, Teaching, & Training
Experience high quality services personalized for your unique and individual needs. 
55+ Living Well Sessions
 These sessions are designed to involve seniors in the appreciation and enjoyment of living. 

I visit clients on a prearranged schedule (most often weekly) to engage them in activities that increase their mental and physical dexterity, self-confidence, and well-being. 

Session topics include: 


writing memoirs and journals 

former hobbies made possible again by accommodations for vision, arthritic hands, dementia, limited movement, or energy level. 

current event discussions

teaching fine arts-painting, poetry, prose 

online access to family emails and photos 

book/film/music studies and reviews

puzzles and games

Rate: $25.00 per hour plus supplies
Learn the best tips, techniques, and available tools to get yourself safely from "door to door." 

This is NOT martial arts. We cover the practices you need that work for your lifestyle, age, and physical abilities. 

Session lasts for about one hour. Repetition and update session is recommended every three months.

Two or three other participants are allowed in the session with advance notice.

Available for children, teens, adults, and seniors

Rate: $25.00 per session
Careers, Professional Advancement, & Making Extra Money
Learn to take charge of your professional life whether you are seeking a new position, looking for that next promotion to vice-president or committing to working from home on a full or part-time basis.

I will NOT find you a position. Instead, I'll give you the tools, tips, and techniques to create the best opportunities for yourself. Think of these as coaching sessions.

Sessions are based entirely on individual needs. 

Rate: $50.00 (for first session that includes written professional "road map" or resume).

$25.00 for each subsequent session (pro-rated by 15 minute segments)
Norma Anne is the humble princess of her own domain. I own my own mistakes, all artwork is copyright ® unless otherwise noted.

Visual Arts
 All art sessions are taught in a spirit of acceptance and appreciation.

 Art is fun. Art is communication and expression. Art is everywhere.

 One to Three students may participate in private sessions which are tailored to age and experience of participant. They are available for ages 5-105 and all experience levels.  

Art for all seasons: project based sessions using a variety of tools and techniques. We will create projects that explore several art mediums relating them to seasons and time periods. Covers the basics of art such as identifying shapes and elements, shading, form, understanding color, and basic art vocabulary.

Explorations in Art: project based sessions using a variety of tools and techniques. We will explore art movements and styles while creating our own masterpieces. These art movements and styles will include fine art, folk art, and today’s masters as recommended by the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Students will create their own art portfolio with references and information for further study.

Creative Expression through Visual Art and Journaling: These sessions involve creating a place for you to express yourself with words and art. Through a guided variety of creative exercises and prompts you will enhance your everyday existence with self-discovery, healing, improved communication, problem solving skills, and personal growth.

More information and workshop listings.

Rate: $25.00 - $50.00 per hour based on subject, number of participants, and length of contract.