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Norma Anne is the humble princess of her own domain. I own my own mistakes, all artwork is copyright ® unless otherwise noted.

Artist Statement
I am The Artful Tourist---Norma Anne Chattin. I move in delightful observation living like I am on vacation in a world of colors, textures, scents, and tastes. I am not afraid to ask directions and I am willing to talk to strangers.

My philosophy is art every day. As a collage artist and painter I work almost exclusively with bright colors, quirky, and whimsical subjects. I love making small pieces that can be enjoyed everywhere and every day.

My work often finds itself hanging in an office cubicle or bathroom instead of over a matching sofa or hanging under track lights in a magnificent room. My pieces have been used for greeting cards, small wall hangings, ornaments, and even made into tattoos. 

I share, I teach, and I make art seeking to honor my Creator with my creativity. 


Norma Anne Chattin, A.K.A. The Artful Tourist, lives as an artist, creativity coach, and writer in South Florida.  

Her artwork and articles have been published in national magazines, featured in art galleries, and as advertising/trade show samples for major companies. Her workshops, seminars, and classes have been offered all over the country since 1986.  

While working with a vast array of materials and mediums her current focus includes mixed media, ACEO(art card original edition), legacy art, and visual journals. Reoccurring themes in Norma Anne's art and workshops include art for everyday people and personal growth and discovery through the creative process.

She works out of a sunny in-home studio filled with her painted furniture and lots of artwork from friends and family for inspiration. Norma Anne shares her life with her gallant husband Sir Henry and their adorable dog Cookie.

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Artist Statement

Tenants of Creativity -a digital art gallery I created to inspire. You'll hear most of these during every workshop I lead.

Art Gallery- the cousins --a fun collection of portraits you're probably related to on you Dad's side

Gallery Art Card-the mighty yet small Art Card-the mighty yet small peices

Designer Gallery (uses copyright materials and showcases products)

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​My You Tube Channel has a few of mine and far more wonderful tutorials from other artists in my playlist. 

Cousin Cindy orginal art by Norma Anne Chattin