Norma Anne Chattin
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Norma Anne is the humble princess of her own domain. I own my own mistakes, all artwork is copyright ® unless otherwise noted.

Artist Statement
I am The Artful Tourist---Norma Anne Chattin. I move in delightful observation living like I am on vacation in a world of colors, textures, scents, and tastes. I am not afraid to ask directions and I am willing to talk to strangers.

My philosophy is art every day. As a collage artist and painter I work almost exclusively with bright colors, quirky, and whimsical subjects. I love making small pieces that can be enjoyed everywhere and every day.

My work often finds itself hanging in an office cubicle or bathroom instead of over a matching sofa or hanging under track lights in a magnificent room. My pieces have been used for greeting cards, small wall hangings, ornaments, and even made into tattoos. 

I share, I teach, and I make art seeking to honor my Creator with my creativity.  

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